Bechtel Technologies' Ethernet Background

Bechtech has a passion for Ethernet AVB and TSN communication and leading the teams that build digital communication networks.

Dr. Gordon Bechtel started Bechtech in 2016 to better allow him to assist in delivering this leadership in synchronous, high reliability Ethernet.  He has a long history in telecommunications, and has been fortunate to be able to pursue Ethernet AVB and TSN networking for the past several years. Through Bechtech he can provide you with the knowledge and leadership your company needs to integration Ethernet AVB/TSN technology into your products and services.

Dr. Bechtel led Harman Connected Services’ (HCS) Team. He provided architecture and team leadership for the development of HCS’ flexible core AVB implementation. This AVB “stack” provided the foundation for Harman Connected Services’ (HCS) AVB practice.

  • Core code remains constant from port to port
    • gPTP (IEEE 802.1AS)
    • SRP (IEEE 802.1Q, clause 35)
    • Credit based traffic shaping (IEEE 802.1Q, clause 34)
    • AVTP (IEEE 1722)
  • Porting code is limited and focused for easy, practiced modification
    • Hardware and OS adaptation layers allow adaptation to product hardware/OS
    • Data interfaces to integrate with product’s data handling modules

During Dr. Bechtel’s tenure at Harman, he helped grow HCS’ AVB business. The team started with four engineers in the US and grew to 6 engineers in US - providing architecture and lead engineering - and 18 engineers in Lodz, Poland, providing product management and core engineering. Dr. Bechtel provided the technical leadership for the business, including  the business' vision and direction, education for team members, and continuous technical coordination/review with the team.  He also provided all the technical sales support for HCS' AVB sales, including  account development, and architecture, planning and estimates for sales proposals.

Under Dr. Bechtel’s leadership the HCS team provided Ethernet AVB/TSN software for a variety of projects.  These include automotive headunits, automotive amplifiers, automotive audio masters, automotive video cameras, automotive Ethernet switches, automotive smart antennae.  He also provided use case analysis, requirements, and overall Ethernet network architecture for a variety of vehicular network variations.

Dr. Bechtel has been an active participant in the AVB/TSN community, both in standards development and in industrial and market development.  In the standards world he was a co-editor on the latest edition of IEEE 1722, the transport protocol for AVB/TSN networks.  He edited clauses 9, Compressed Video Format, and clause 10, AVTP Control Format.  Dr. Bechtel was also an extremely active member of Avnu, the Ethernet AVB/TSN industrial community.  While at Avnu he was chair of automotive technical working group for 3 years, where he created and lead an active and enthusiastic group that developed Avnu’s automotive profile, defining what it means to be an Ethernet automotive device.  He was also a member of Avnu's Board of Directors.