Bechtel Technologies is an enthusiastic supporter for the development, application and widespread adoption of Ethernet AVB (Audio-Video Bridging) and TSN (Time Sensitive Networking) technologies across a spectrum of markets and use cases.  The on-going evolution of IEEE 802 Ethernet provides the highly reliable and synchronous data delivery needed by a variety of consumer, professional audio/video, automotive and industrial applications.

Bechtech's extensive background in developing Ethernet AVB/TSN solutions and its participation in the IEEE and Avnu communities provides an excellent basis for providing valuable services for silicon suppliers, electronics manufacturers, automotive manufacturers and industrial systems providers.  Ethernet AVB/TSN technologies provide plug and play capability in more general applications, but require focused engineering to really take advantage of dedicated networks such as those found in automotive vehicular and industrial control networks.  Bechtech focuses on these "dedicated and highly engineered" networks to achieve their lofty performance goals.

Bechtech provides technical analysis, requirements development and architectural specification for all systems using Ethernet AVB/TSN networking technology.  Bechtech also provides team leadership for bringing projects to an on-time, on-budget completion.